Regulatory Integrity

Regulatory Integrity

We adhere to a policy of strict regulatory compliance and pursue frequent, open communication with regulators regarding our business performance.

Regulatory Integrity

Challenges and Opportunities

Our industry must adapt to these changes, which will require significant investments in infrastructure without threatening the reliable service that our customers depend upon. Berkshire Hathaway Energy is committed to working with regulators, legislators, policymakers and communities to ensure we meet the energy needs of our customers as these changes emerge.

As we have built our solar generation portfolio, we recognize that others have as well, including customers. Those who choose self-generation receive energy from the grid and deliver energy to it, and we look forward to having them as a new type of customer. We are committed to working with our regulators on cost-effective solutions for these customers who will use our system differently than others.

Reasonable Prices

Reasonable, fair prices are critical to maintaining customer satisfaction. MidAmerican Energy Company, Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power have worked hard to hold their average rates well below regional averages. Efforts to minimize rate increases will continue across all our businesses.

2015 Accomplishments

  • PacifiCorp, which partnered with the California ISO to launch a multistate energy imbalance market, helped secure passage of legislation in California that continues the momentum of the EIM and paves the way for a regional independent system operator with independent governance.
  • NV Energy joined the EIM, the first true, real-time market in the West. From its inception in November 2014 to year-end 2015, the EIM had generated nearly $46 million in total benefits, an amount expected to grow substantially as new participants enter the market.

Our Core Principles

  • Customer Service
  • Employee Commitment
  • Environmental Respect
  • Regulatory Integrity
  • Operational Excellence
  • Financial Strength

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