Tuesday November 15 2016

Northern Powergrid Named One of North Easts Top 10 Companies

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Northern Powergrid

Northern Powergrid, the company responsible for keeping the lights on across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, has been named one of North East’s top 10 companies.

The electricity distributor, which recently announced that it has delivered for customers its best-ever performance standards for network reliability and equalled its best performance for safety around the electricity network, has been named today as tenth in the Top 200 awards. The news closely follows the company publishing its annual performance report for customers and stakeholders which describes how it has performed in the first year of delivery its eight-year business plan (2015-2023).

The report, available on northernpowergrid.com/yourpowergrid, outlines how Northern Powergrid is investing £3 billion on large infrastructure projects, replacement and development of the region’s power network. It sets out the company’s successes as well as areas for improvement in the future.

It also shows the good progress the company is making to deliver more improvements for customers for less and its commitments, which include:

    • delivering 20% shorter and 8% fewer power cuts;

    • cutting costs for customers with network-related costs on customers’ bills from their chosen electricity supplier already reduced by 14% since last year;

    • reducing the time it takes to connect new customers by 30%;

    • achieving 50% lower accident rates; and

    • reducing the company’s carbon footprint by 10%.

Andy Bilclough, Northern Powergrid’s Head of Tyne and Wear Zone and electricity distributer’s representative at the Top 200 awards event today, said: “We’re a key part of the region’s infrastructure. Through our business plan, we remain focused on improving services for our customers and fulfilling our commitment to bringing the Northern Powerhouse to life by supporting growth and development in the communities we proudly serve.”

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